In the summer of 2017, during the research and writing of my dissertation, I began to re think my use of materials as an artist. 

I realised I was embarrassed of any work that didn't 'look professional' in my eye, and I began to unpack where that shame came from. Through writing the dissertation, where I was examining the cultural embarrassment that is specifically is applied to young girls and their taste in pop culture, I started to understand my own complexes that made me filter what I make or show.

I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to do the opposite of what those feelings were 'told me' to do. Therefor I moved my practice into a digital setting, experimenting with various social media platforms. I began to learn the specific visual languages that have developed through most of the major social media outlets.

Slowly my practice has edged over to social media platforms as both a mode of research, a way of playing with the ways that I create and why I make those choices, as well as pushing my curatorial style.


This current body of work can be found on instagram and twitter.