Currently Working On

A selection of current projects, works in progress and up coming events. To keep up to date with my practice, please join me at either the patreon, my artist's facebook page or on twitter. 

JUNE 2017 UPDATE #2: I'm now on Patreon! I'm figuring out the best way to get content out to an audience, and this is just one of the way I'm trying out. There is a bunch of free poem released and blog posts already, and for the very generous people who have became patrons there is a free digital download book out right now alongside post cards heading out very soon + more books and blogs and stuff I haven't even started thinking of yet! You can check it out (and get a free digital download book without even being a patron!) here! 

JUNE 2017 UPDATE #1: VERY EXCITING STUFF! In November of last year an event was held at God's House Tower by artist Sarah Filmer called '700 Women'. The idea behind the work was to bring female history back into a building where female contributions had been left out from the historical documentation. This summer GHT is re-opening for a few events, including the launch of the '700 Woman' book! I'm very honored to have been commissioned to write a piece for the book, which is also going to be my first work to be published! I am unspeakably grateful, and the book looks like it's going to be a really wonderful piece of work. You can pre-order the book here, and keep an eye out for the date of the book launch!